At the Trevi Collection, the unmistakable Italian design that distinguishes the Trevi Group takes on a more modern slant.

& Suites

Attention to every detail

The dark tilings and marbles of the bathrooms sustain a sense of calm and order complemented by the thoughtful geometry of the basins and shelves. Baths or showers with hydromassage are among the perks of booking the suites – designed for the ultimate pampering or a fine setting for a romantic getaway.

Attention to every detail defines the design, careful not to fall into the banality of style or the chill of anonymity. Every room carries its own special touch of warmth and personality. Sometimes its a whitewashed coffered ceiling, other times its an LED panel that creates a veil of light over the bed. One room even features a carving of a nymph in a cave. Another, recently restructured, features an indoor moss garden, representing the cutting edge in interior design. Finally, our Top Class Executive Suite (32 square metres) has its own private garden with outdoor lounge area: a personal oasis!